Why Foundation Repair Should Be Left To The Professionals

Why Foundation Repair Should Be Left To The Professionals

Foundation Repair CostAs any homeowner knows, things break down over time, but issues like foundation repair should always be handled by the professionals. As a home foundation settles things can shift and cause strange and unfortunate things to happen, such as cracking in the walls and uneven floor areas.

Causes Of Damage And The Need For Foundation Repair

Most often it is older homes that begin to show problems and require foundation repair by Top Foundation Repair Companies in Houston. However, there are other things that can cause foundation issues in newer homes as well. Construction of homes on clay surfaces that can expand, or on soils that tend to compress, and even failure to properly maintain a foundation can all cause significant damage. If the damage to the foundation structure is not repaired properly, your home may not only lose market value, but could also be deemed hazardous and uninhabitable. This is all the more reason why the homeowner should contact a concrete professional for a repair evaluation and cost assessment.

One of the big concerns for homeowners regarding house leveling has often been the fear of disruption to their lives, homes and routines. Thankfully, technology has come a long way. Nowadays, house leveling and foundation repairs can often be made without any noticeable interruption to the homeowner.

Methods For Foundation Repair

In deciding which method of repair is best, the professional must first determine the cause of the damage. (Weather that is unusually wet or dry is often a culprit.) The two primary methods of concrete foundation repair are slabjacking and hydraulic jacking (or piering as it is also called).

best foundation repairSlab jacking is most often used for smaller sunken slab concrete structures like driveways and sidewalks. In these instances, cement grout is pumped through small holes in the concrete slab. Once the grout solidifies into solid concrete it becomes a brace for the concrete slab. The grout can in some cases be mixed with lime content in order to provide stabilization over time in the soil to prevent future problems from re-developing.

Large scale Houston foundation repair methods in homes and other buildings are typically done with the piering method. The piering method is done by placement of mechanical jacks at key points to gradually lift the settled beam to the proper leveling height. The lifting must be done at a slow and gradual pace to avoid further damage to the structure. However, once the beam has been lifted to the proper height it is braced with a special spread footing and pier. The spread footing sits down at a depth that makes it unaffected by fluctuating changes in the dampness of the soil. Because of the spread foot design it also equalizes the distribution of the load bearing to prevent issues of unnecessary bulk. The pier is stabilized into the footing with steel to provide continuous reinforcement of the beam.

Foundation Repair Is A Job For Professionals

Considering the dangers of an unstable home foundation, these types of foundation repairs are not something a homeowner should attempt to do for themselves. Always consult a professional for a damage assessment and cost of repair quote. If you need help with your foundation problems. Contact the House Leveling Masters at to request a free estimate.