Repiping Specialists

repipe plumbersWhy You Would Want to Consider Repiping Your Whole House

As homeowners, we have to make tough decisions from time to time.

Occasionally, in order to keep our house in the best physical condition so that it lasts, we will have to call on emergency plumbing Houston by B&B to repipe our entire home.

Whether you need to take advantage of copper repipe, galvanized pipe replacement and PEX repipe; we are the company to trust. Not only will we provide a fantastic turnaround at an affordable price, but we are also a turnkey solution.

What does that mean? Ultimately, not only will we repair and replace the broken pipe while repiping your home, but we can also repair the holes in the sheet rock and flooring, as well as paint, so that nobody’s the wiser about whether or not you had repairs done to your home.

Let’s look at some of the signs that will tell you it’s time to repipe or replace your piping system.

Signs Showing That Repiping Is Needed

  • when you turn on your faucets they begin to immediately start leaking and dripping water under the sink
  • water stains that are visible on the ceiling are usually there because of leaking pipes
  • gurgling sounds coming from your drains can typically indicate that your piping system is blocked
  • toilet bowl backs up frequently and often needs to be plunged
  • wet spots underneath your bathroom sink typically means that you have leaking pipes under it wet spots in the enclosed spaces in the home – i.e. crawlspace
  • mold and other forms of fungus growing in the home is typically a sign of leaky pipes that need to be replaced

Call B&B Plumbing to take advantage of copper repipe, PEX repipe and galvanized pipe replacement. Do not let this problem go unattended any longer because it’s quite serious. Contact Alonso’s team 713-231-9101 of Master Plumbers (TXMPL# 38479) to request a free estimate on any of your plumbing repair needs today.

Pool Repairs Houston by Hutchison Pools – Leak Detection and Repair, Pressure test skimmer(s), pool return, pool cleaner and main drain(s). Dye test light(s), pool structure and main drain(s). Dive pool to pressure test main drain(s). If leak indicated by pressure test, use electronic equipment to listen and locate leak.    If additional booster pumps for water features, also pressure test plumbing for those features. Also, if the pool has a floor cleaning system (pop up heads at bottom of pool), we can test that system as well (additional charges apply).

Hiring a House Painting Professional

House Painting ContractorsWhy You Should Hire a Professional House Painter to Tackle Your Home Painting Projects

It’s that time of year again. You are dreading the thought of painting your house but it’s something that needs to get done. You could attempt this challenge on your own or you can rely upon the qualified experts that specialize in Houston house painting.

Exterior painters are the way to go if you are not familiarized with or good at painting a home. Do not believe that you can just slap up a coat of paint and be done with it. There is more to painting than meets the eye, and exterior house painters Houston will get the job done correctly when you would otherwise make a mess of things.

In fact, there are some excellent benefits and rewards that you will reap when hiring specialists for house painting.

The Benefits of Exterior House Painters Houston

  •  They work quickly – this is what they do for a living, so they can get the job done much quicker than you if you are not one of the professional exterior painters.
  •  They are affordable – your time is valuable and so is your money obviously. Paying someone a minimal amount of money to get the job done quickly will actually end up saving you money by saving you time.
  •  They perform admirably – Spring house painting specialists know their trade and they know it well. They will perform excellent work on your behalf, and then all is said and done your house will look beautiful with its brand-new paint job.

Call on expert exterior painters right now. Contact us at 832-515-5399 to request a free in house quote from Raul Silva at He has over 15 years experience working with home owners with their painting projects.


Choosing The Right Residential Fence Material

Residential Wood Fence

Wood FencesThe fencing professionals at Texsun Fence offer the best in wood fencing in Houston Texas. Western Red Cedar is easily accessible and requires almost no treatment.

This environmentally friendly fencing option provides aesthetically pleasing privacy and protection for your residential and commercial property and comes in many sizes, grades, and styles to suit our customers desires.

To find out more information about our residential wood fencing options, contact our offices at 281-794-6881 or visit us at

Residential Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing can be a valuable addition to your residential property. At our fence company, we know how important it is to keep your home safe, so we offer high-quality chain link fencing to help you ensure that you and your loved ones are safe.

residential chain link fences

Our team provides many options for chain link fencing including a variety of gauges, colors, and coatings. To choose a chain-link fence that suits your needs, contact our offices at 281-794-6881 or go to for review of our recent installation.

If you need help deciding on the right fence material for your residential property needs. Wrought Iron, Black Vinyl Coated chain Link, Metal Gate, Cedar, Pressure Treated Pine, or a custom built fence. Simply contact one of our fence contractors and our experienced estimators will design the perfect fence and gate that meets your dreams or fits your budget depending on your personal situation. Either way,  you’ll love the fence we build for you and the quality construction and materials.